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What is Patreon?

Like to see new nature, landscape, and portrait photography from Seneca Creek Studios’ owner and artist Allison Pluda? Patreon is a great way for you to get some new art and show your support for the artist at the same time. Make a difference in an solopreneurs life by signing up for a monthly amount of your choosing and become a bonafide, real-life patron of the arts. In return for your support, you’ll get a new piece of art personally sent to you from Allison every month as a thank you gift.

Your pledge, no matter how much, truly makes a difference in giving Allison the emotional and financial stability and support she needs so she can continue to dedicate her life full-time to bringing more beauty into the world as an artist, entrepreneur, and small business owner based in Laramie, Wyoming. She thanks you from the bottom of her heart for your support and promises to continue to push herself to create new inspiring content, portraits, and photographs so she can share them with you for you to enjoy.


What monthly rewards do I get?

Choose to sign up to become a patron supporter for a monthly amount of your choosing:



Sign up for a $3 a month Coffee Pledge

 Pledging only $3 a month may not seem like it will make a huge difference, but knowing I have supporters like you to spot me an extra cup of coffee on a long day matters just as much to me as someone pledging $50. You’ll get access to the patron-only feed and patron only emails. I am so thankful to have someone as awesome and supportive as you are in my life and thanks in advance for the cup of joe to keep me going!



When you sign up for $10 a month, you’ll get a different professional printed and UV coated 5×7 photo art card personally sent to you every month. Thank you so much for your support!



Sign up for a $30 per month Print Pledge

When you sign up for $30 a month, you will receive a different 5×7 photo art card personally mailed to you each month so you can collect them all, PLUS get 10% off all fine art print orders (ask for code). Thank you so much for your support!



Sign up for a $50 per month Mini Metal Membership

Sign up for $50 a month and receive a different fine art mini metal print, a 5×7 photo art card personally mailed to you each month so you can collect them all, PLUS get 15% off all fine art print orders (ask for code). Thank you so much for your support!


About The Prints You’ll Get

ABOUT OUR CARDS: Photo cards are professionally press printed 5×7 folded and UV coated art cards with a full photographic print on the front and blank on the inside. The added UV coating adds a little extra gloss and protection and means you can frame it and keep it for yourself or send it to your friends and family to enjoy.

ABOUT OUR MINI METAL PRINTS: Mini metal prints are the same quality as our larger fine art metal prints but cut to 4×4″ squares with a magnet attached to the back as well as a hanger for a traditional wall hanging. Metal prints are made using a sublimation process that permanently seals the photographs to a specially coated recycled aluminum sheet making them completely waterproof and UV resistant. Build your own mini metal collection so you can enjoy a new scene every month of the year for your home, studio, office, favorite small space, fridge, or camper.

ABOUT OUR FINE ART PRINTS: Want some beauty on your wall? Ask us about having the photographs you love printed in any size as a signature metal print or framed paper print and shipped to you by request. All of our fine art prints are professionally printed, archival quality, and are priced by size. Love more than one photograph? Ask us about designing a gallery wall print collection series or custom album, folio box, or coffee table book styled just for you with all your favorite photographs. Want a certain sized wall print or looking for something in specific? Let us know if there is a particular size, location, subject, theme, or photograph you are looking for and we will custom print it for you as a metal, framed, or loose archival print at no extra cost. We will let you know as soon as we have your print ready for you so you can pick up at the studio or we can ship it to you directly.


About Us

Seneca Creek Studios’s owner and artist Allison Pluda is best known for her vibrant nature, landscape, and starscape fine art photographs printed on metal as well as her commissioned studio portraits, headshots, and commercial design work. Whether on a walk outdoors, camped under the milky way, or photographing a woman in the studio, Allison strives to help us reconnect with the natural and genuine beauty that she sees in both nature and people alike by creating fine art prints and products that remind us to take a moment to celebrate and enjoy the beauty in life. Trained as a geochemist with an undergraduate degree in geology from Michigan State University, a masters degree in geology from the University of Wyoming, and self-taught as an artist, Allison began photographing over a decade ago and eventually gave up her corporate career in geology and environmental consulting to become a full-time artist and entrepreneur. She now runs a fine art gallery, portrait, and design studio in historic downtown Laramie, Wyoming and applies her uniquely wide skill-set as both a professional scientist and visual artist to offer commercial, website, graphic design, marketing, and branding services to individuals, businesses, and organizations as well.


Thank you!

Thank you so much for your support! Your contribution is deeply appreciated and gives me a continued motivation to push myself to grow creatively and in return give something beautiful back to you to share.

Allison Pluda
Owner/Artist at Seneca Creek Studios
Fine Art Nature & Portrait Photography & Design Studio





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