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Wall Preview: Send Us Your Photo

Take photos of the walls and areas in your home you would like to display a single print or a collection and email us the images at Allison@SenecaCreekStudios.com.  We use special software to show you exactly what your photos will look like on your wall but in order to show you, we’ll need a photo of your wall to use in the software.

1. Tape a “letter” size (8.5″ x 11″) piece of paper on the wall where you’d like your portraits.

2. Take a horizontal picture of that wall (with the paper on it) with your camera, smartphone, or tablet from a comfortable viewing distance.  This is typically from all the way across the room, unless you have a very large room. Take the photo straight-on, not at an angle.  Try to include furniture, windows, doorways, and the floor/ceiling in the photo to provide a point of size reference for us.

3. Once you’ve taken pictures of all the walls where you’d like artwork, please send us an email attaching all of your photos to Allison@SenecaCreekStudios.com. Thank you!

Click here for more information about taking a picture of your own wall



Wall Collections & Gallery Planning

When planning a custom wall gallery and print display for your home or office to enjoy for years to come, the best way is to complement not only the style of your decor, but to design a series of prints that fits your unique taste personality as well.  Groups of prints in a series make sense to tell your story rather than one single image.

This display inspiration guide presents a number of customizable gallery ideas to show off your unique art. We are full service photography studio and are here to help you with every step of the way so please contact us and let us help you design a display that works for your home, office, or business.






Interior Design Consultations

Need help planning your wall gallery or picking out the perfect print to match your decor?  We offer a free custom wall preview and gallery planning service to help you visualize what your prints will look like on the wall.  We are a full time and full service studio and are here to help you every step of the way.  This is great to help you choose what sizes to get to best fit your space or to visualize different collage layout options and color schemes on either your very own wall or one of our preview templates. Contact us today for a free design consultation so we can help you plan a display that works for you.


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In the meantime, bowse some of the galleries for ideas and inspiration
or create your own lightbox and gather images you are interested in